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LaNella Hooper-Williams

Personal Branding Tips and Tools for An Authentically Empowered Career


How to Strengthen Your Cultural Competency

February 27, 2020

People often mispronounce my name. When it happens, I politely correct them and inform them it’s “LaNella,” like “Vanilla with an e.” I usually get a surprised look at first, but then it quickly registers with most folks. In a former position, my team and I were responsible for putting together global communications meetings. The […]

Is Office Love Good or Bad?

February 13, 2020

This week we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air, and a plethora of cards, roses, and chocolates abound both at home and work. But what happens when the sweetness of relationships goes sour at work? In my corporate life, a woman leader allegedly entered into a romantic relationship with the CEO of the […]

10 Books that Transformed My Thinking

February 6, 2020

Ever since I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait to finish my schoolwork so I could curl up with a great book.  I loved escaping to the fictional stories in a Danielle Steele or Harold Robbin’s novel.  At the end of the school year, my favorite trip was to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh […]

Your Mindset Matters

January 23, 2020

During my book club meeting a few weeks ago, one of my friends mentioned she had been refraining from eating dessert because she was trying to help her husband lose weight. She indicated he has tried just about every diet and has not been successful. His latest splurge was purchasing a Peloton bike that now […]

Stay Joyful During This Holiday Season

December 18, 2019

I love… love… love the holiday season! I generally kick off the month-long celebration on December 1. Since my birthday also occurs in December, I keep the festivities going straight through New Year’s Day. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always taken off work between Christmas and New Year’s and use it as a time […]

Is Your Desk a Hot Mess?

December 4, 2019

I’m generally a neat person.  I make my bed every morning. I also take pride in having the house in tip-top shape within five minutes of someone visiting. Nevertheless, when it comes to keeping my desk uncluttered and organized, I must tell you—the struggle continues to be real! 

What Are You Grateful For?

November 26, 2019

Every year during thanksgiving dinner, we often go around the table and everyone names one thing they are thankful for. But wouldn’t it be great if we adopted a thankful mindset year-round?

Unpacking Limiting Beliefs

November 13, 2019

I’m not smart enough…I’m not good enough…I’m terrible at math… I’ll never make enough money to support my lifestyle… It’s too hard to lose weight. These are just some of the limiting beliefs that many of us have.  The question is: why do we allow limiting thoughts to fill our mind?

5 Tips to Help You Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

October 31, 2019

One of the biggest fears in life is public speaking.  So how can we reduce the nervousness, sweaty palms, racing heart and general anxiety that many of us feel when we are asked to present? In working with my clients, here are five areas that we focus on to help get them more comfortable and […]


October 24, 2019

When you are asked for your professional bio, the conversation often goes like this: “Can you email me your professional bio?  “Sure, I’ll get it to you by the end of the day.”  Then panic sets in because you don’t have a bio. So, you scramble to assemble a quick and dirty career summary that […]

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Once a week, LaNella will pop into your inbox with fun and practical personal branding strategies.

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